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Logan wrote this for his TAG English I class. Lessons to be learned!


Everything I Ever Need to Know I Learned From Swimming


    I've been swimming for a long time, almost since I could walk. I was at practice one day, cooling down from the main set, when it hit me - everything I knew about swimming was mirrored by something in life. I had just never noticed until I finally became good enough to be able to look back at how far I'd come. It suddenly seemed so simple, and I knew I would most likely discover more connections to life as I became faster and better at swimming.

*        Stay afloat, don't sink - don't fall behind on your work.

*        Breathe steadily - even in times of stress.

*        Keep good form - the most basic things can be the most important.

*        When you see the wall, swim faster - rise to the challenge.

*        Practice makes perfect - keep practicing to get better until you come out on top.

*        Just dive in - if something is daunting, don't think about it. Just do it!

*        Reduce drag - don't let anything slow you down.

*        Stay in your own lane - it's your life, so make good choices.

*        Be a shark, not a minnow - go after what you want.

*        Just keep swimming - even if you are tired, find your pace, and push through to the end.


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Great words of wisdom for any age. Thanks for sharing. I'm back on online at last and loving reading your Mom's blog and all your adventures.
Love you,

Welcome back to the modern age, Nana! Love you, too!

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