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One Vacation, Mini-Documented and Overdue

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I've been so behind on any sort of family photos and other whatnot, with all the stuff I've been doing at Nolan's school. Our vacation to Colorado was 4 months ago, and I only today finished uploading the complete set of photos. I also didn't have time to do my usual journal pages, so I quickly put together a quick one. Please view it here (or use the link on the sidebar)!


Well, that's done. Not sure what inspired me to do it today -- it's not like I actually had the time to spare. Now I'm behind on everything else I needed to accomplish!

One Clean Fridge Later

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On Saturday we took the time to do a thorough cleaning out of the fridge, front to back, top to bottom, side to side. Oh, yes, and underneath -- YUCK! A lot of stuff accumulates under there, and you can't sweep it up. But the inside of the fridge is now <sings> GORGEOUS! I almost hated having to put any food back in there. The boys are under strict orders to never spill anything in the fridge ever, ever again. And here's the hard part for them -- if they do manage to spill anything, they better clean it up right away!

fridge11-10.jpgLooking through my latest set of pictures, I thought I'd share a couple of Nolan from the Savvy Kids Conference. He enjoyed lots of kid-oriented workshops and booths having to do with health, finances, environment, and community. But he also took time to get outside and have some outdoor fun. Spinning on a Spaceball (he was spinning so fast, it was really hard to get a picture of his face, but I finally managed it)...

spaceball11-20-10.jpgAnd rock climbing to the top to ring a buzzer...

climbera11-20-10.jpgNolan was an excellent climber, climbing up with relative ease, though he did have one little mishap -- his shirt caught on a rock while he was coming down after one of his climbs.

climberb11-20-10.jpgSince he was safe enough because of the cable that supported him, there was no cause for worry, and I spent my time below trying to capture a picture in between chuckles. I'm such a good mom!

Fifteen Years

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How did I get so lucky to find such a wonderful man? Happy Anniversary, Hubby. I love you.




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