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And So It Goes

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School's out for summer, but that doesn't mean life slows down for us. No rest for the weary!

We've completely said goodbye to elementary school -- the boys are officially in high school and middle school now. I'm earning more gray hairs as I type this.

Enjoy a few pictures from Nolan's 5th-grade graduation.


No, this isn't rain. It's water from a visiting fire truck, and though it was painful to see such a tremendous waste of water, I'm glad the kids got to have so much fun. I still don't know how the city agrees to this for the school.

IMG_1303.jpg But sometimes you've got to just smile and go with the flow... so to speak!05-27-11a.jpgAnd here's a picture of me at the habitat. I finally got a photo!


Whiskers, Easter, and Ropes

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A. Easter happened. It totally rocked.

B. Logan is shaving (since Easter). He's 13 -- egads. He probably should have shaved at 12 (maybe even 11), but we kept putting it off. Besides, he thoroughly enjoyed having crazy long sideburns and hated when I'd trim them. But then the beard whiskers arrived, and Logan decided it was time to shave (beard and sideburns both). You can see his hairy "before" pictures in the Easter pics. He's had a haircut since then, too.

B. Check out Nolan at the Ropes Course.


The Ropes Course was incredible, and Nolan was quite the agile, strong monkey. Zip lines, vines, tall walls, nets, balancing acts on wires and ropes -- fun stuff. We wish we had a Ropes Course like that in our own backyard!

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