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Changing the World

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Yesterday a phenomenal thing happened. The United States held a very historic election, one I feel so uplifted by, and so proud to have been witness to in my lifetime. Race was never a factor in my vote, nor was religion, but now that the election is over, I am glowing in the fact that after 400 years of our country shifting from a country of slavery to one of civil war, to one of suppression and prejudice, to one of veiled freedoms and semi-equality, to one of equality in many ways (though sadly not country-wide), that our generation and our nation could see a black American rise to the highest office. I am a proud supporter of Barack Obama, and I hope that those ignorant Americans who voted against him because they believed false rumors and Republican tricks can open their eyes to accept him for all that he truly is.

Obama has the potential to unite our country, help our economy, and improve our standing in the eyes of other nations. He has the potential to make our country great again and reestablish the ideals that made our country a world leader and an advocate of peace. He embodies the very idea that America is not made of one type of person nor one set of beliefs. He is black, he is white, he is Christian with a family background of Christianity, atheism, and Islam, his father was from Kenya, he has lived in other countries and many states, and he has experienced poverty and risen to wealth. He has had such a variety of influences that have made him the remarkable man he is today, and he is married to a woman so intelligent and so dedicated to our country that her former law professor thought that she would be the one he'd someday see in a high office and will no doubt make an outstanding First Lady. He chose as his Vice President a man so respected across all parties and so experienced that the two running mates can address together the needs of not just America but of the world. Obama represents the American people. But more than that, he believes in America. And yesterday, America showed that it believes in Obama.  

The record voter turnout, the willingness of people to stand four hours in lines to cast their vote, the overwhelming volunteerism, the excitement across the nation and the world as all eyes looked for the results of this election, the displays of sheer joy from ecstatic crowds -- it was impossible not to get caught up in this remarkable election. The promise of hope and change stayed alive.

In truth the election of Barack Obama is just a first step. It's a hard road to get our country back in shape. It's been damaged, and repair can't happen overnight. Not only does Obama face overwhelming challenges ahead just from those current issues discussed throughout the campaigns, but George W. Bush is working against him by creating more shocking laws that W. hopes will be difficult to remove. I will never understand what drives George W. Bush to continue to set bad policy after bad policy -- he is going down as potentially the worst U.S. president, and his final acts in office aren't even to try to improve his standing in history? He just wants to sweep across the board as the most hated President, certainly of modern times?

Yes, America did the right thing in this election. Through Obama will come change. And through Obama, America can unite. And through Obama, the world can also hope -- that the actions of the United States will be for the good of the world and for progress, and no longer a masked crusade for the goals of a few who abused their power.

Now that the election is over, I look forward to the future and the peace that we have a chance to experience. I feel the hope and the promise. Congratulations, America. Well done.

Ups and Downs, and a Farewell

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Today is our anniversary, 13 years of me being married to THAT MAN YOUR FATHER, as I told the boys this morning, making them laugh. Nah, it's been a great 13 years, and I am quite happy to be married to THAT MAN MY HUSBAND.

Today also marks a very historic election, and I am so happy that I have been a part of it and that my whole family will be able to look back in years to come and remember the excitement that swept the nation, and the remarkable voter turnout to elect a new president, after 8 years of trouble times from W.

But those happier emotions today are overshadowed by the unexpected death of a friend. Unknown to many, including me, she suffered from depression, and it got the better of her, She tried to take her own life, and after three days in a coma in the hospital, she died. A flurry of thoughts and emotions are hitting so many of us full impact --feelings of shock and sadness and confusion and mourning, wishes for what might have been and what should have been, love for our friend, sympathy and caring for her family, gratefulness for the time that we got to share in her life, anger that there is no remaining opportunity to help her get through her troubles, frustration that there is no way to share in her life again, and yet hope that we can take a lesson from this tragedy and turn it into a way to better the lives of those around us, through love and kindness and thoughtfulness and friendship. 

Reach out to someone today. It might be someone you see all the time but rarely tell how special he or she is to you. It might be someone you haven't spoken to in weeks, or months, or years. It might be someone you had a falling out with and it's time to reestablish your friendship. It might be a stranger who could use a smile. Give someone a hug. The power of a smile and touch is immense. Spread the love, make the days brighter, and maybe even save a life.

Dessa, I will miss you, as will all who knew you. Though you felt darkness toward the end, you were a bright light in our lives.

Defying gravity

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Daylight savings began last night. Everyone slept in a little, except me, of course, cursed to never enjoy a full night (or morning)'s sleep EVER. Logan slept an extra 3-4 hours this morning, making me wonder about a growth spurt. When he finally got out of bed, I measured him against the wall, and sure enough he is quite a bit taller than me now. He's grown more than an inch from about 2 weeks ago, putting him at about 5'-7"ish currently. No idea whether this is a regular growth spurt or the start of major height change. I felt incredibly short next to him, more so because I was standing next to a KID taller than me, not that I'm that short in general.

Not so Keen

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Well, I went out into the backyard to discover that my favorite shoes, my pricey Keens that I got for free in a raffle and wear just about everywhere, had been mostly destroyed by one or both of our monster dogs, who apparently were "keen" on enjoying a classic dog-eat-shoe scenario. Grrrr.


KeensWhile it means that we'll need to fork over the big bucks to replace them (because yes, I want another pair), at least this unfortunate pair can officially become garden shoes, as it turns out that having no ankle straps means they slip on and off fairly easily, like a nice garden clog except more comfortable. It doesn't mean the dogs aren't on my bad side, though!

Happy Halloween

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Nolan had a semi-interest in going trick-or-treating this year, as this was the first year his brother decided he was too old for such activities. But we told Nolan he had to go trick-or-treating because this was the only time of year his mom could get some Butterfingers and his dad could get some Twix bars. We called up some friends and joined them for a stroll around the neighborhood for some most excellent trick-or-treating. A good time was had by all, and most importantly Michael and I got our candy!


Trick or treat.jpg

We were really impressed by the extent some people went to decorate for Halloween. From giant spiders to misty fountains to spooky lighting, it was pretty nifty. 

IMG_1364.JPGThe most stunning was one in which they turned their yard, porch, house exterior, and garage into a Wild West ghost townand had about 30 people dress as cowboys, gunslingers, and Native Americans. Check out the Flickr show for more shots, pardner -- you really need to see them all to get the full effect. 


IMG_1469.JPGWhen we got home, we found out that Chipotle was giving away free burritos to anyone who dressed up as a burrito, taco, salad, etc., and was brave enough to show up at the restaurant. Free food?!!! Michael and I did a quick costume change, becoming Boo-ritos, and were out the door in a flash. We'll do almost anything for free food! Almost. Hush, you. 


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