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And growing...

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We just bought the 12-year-old size 14 basketball shoes.

Nope, Never Moving to New York

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Godzilla attacks New York. War of the Worlds happens in New York. Human-created diseases turn people rabid in New York. Unknown monsters that drop off little monster babies destroy buildings and eat people in New York. Real-life terrorists attack New York. Poor King Kong is brought to New York. New York will someday be either a penitentiary for the most evil criminals or it will be completely destroyed, always with the Statue of Liberty head symbolically laying on its side on the ground. Worlds collide in New York. It takes mutant turtles and rats to fight crime-doers in New York. Gorillas and orangutans someday will rule New York. Women get hit by cabs on the way to meet their true love at the Empire State Building in New York, and poor cats get abandoned in the rain. Ghosts get busted in New York. Jason will take Manhattan, and if he doesn't, the Muppets will.

Nope, never moving to New York.

Zombies and Bob-Zombies

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Over Halloween weekend we discovered that our neighbors had become zombies.

zombies10-31-09.jpgYou know, thinking about it, I feel like a zombie half the time myself.

On Sunday we visited the Texas Renaissance Festival. A step back in time, with a lot of fantasy thrown in, and always fun.


TRFb10-31-09.jpg TRFd10-31-09.jpgLook at the talons on that hawk!

We became Bob-Zombies and enjoyed some of our other favorite shows. We even checked out a couple of new ones. Even with a full day at Texas RenFest, we still didn't manage to do it all. Going on Halloween weekend was definitely a treat, though, not a trick! 

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