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Memories (Logan's Poem)

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I am from pets,

from soft fur and funny antics,

from the leaves sent

flying through the air.

(soft, fluttering, it

felt like nature)

I am from the pond,

the fish going blub-blub.


I'm from fishing rods and gaming systems,

from homemade cooking and take-out pizza.

I'm from Don't touch and Quiet down,

from flopping trout

to jumping clams.


I'm from the nightmares and dreams,

the THUMP-CRASH of my brother

kicking the wall.

I'm from the noises, frightening

and soothing, from the creak of

trees to the croak of toads.


Through the garden, from

under the lazy oak,

I am at peace with myself,

My memories swirling through my head.


--Logan, September 2009, 7th Grade

When a Boy Doesn't Pay Attention...

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You get this.


And this.


And in case you are wondering, it was Logan.

The Right Knee, Done

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Michael's knee scope went very well, though the doctor found considerable stuff in there to repair. He's been home enjoying his bonbons, recovering. Ok, maybe not bonbons, but certainly being waited on hand and foot. He's got his laptop near wherever he lays down, so he's quite content, despite having to wear circulatory hose until he sees the doctor in a few days. Michael's leg looks so sexy, shaved from mid-calf to mid-thigh.  :)   He's dreading the itching as it grows back.

In a few weeks, it will be round 2, the left knee.

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