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Marilyn and Jim's Farm

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If you don't visit my other blog Great Stems regularly, as you should, you might miss that Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim's farm is now immortalized and famous. Thank you for letting us visit yesterday, Marilyn and Jim! Here's the direct link to their post.


Love ya!

Dickens on the Strand

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Well, it could be later that I post this. That's all I'm saying...

In December we visited Galveston to see Dickens on the Strand, a festival set back in the time of Victorian London. It was our first time there, and a fine time was had by all. We stepped back in time to enjoy bagpipers, bell carolers, pirates, Texas Army soldiers, and the authentic Tall Ship Elissa. And we got to see two of our favorite jugglers, the Other Brothers (who stuck me up on the world's smallest stage to swing a machete and torches around me, ultimately slicing a carrot they made me hold in my mouth). Logan especially enjoyed seeing all the Steampunk folks from the Airship Isabella, and he's been newly inspired and creating all sorts of amazing stuff every since. Click the link above to see more photos.


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