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Beer-Inspired Cooking Day

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So the goal for the day was Beer-Basted Brisket. This morning, bright and early, I got up and rubbed a spice rub on the brisket. Then Nolan and I made Pudding Delight, a cream cheese- buttery crust concoction with 1/2-1/2 chocolate pudding and butterscotch pudding (we couldn't decide which we wanted, so we did both). While that was still going on, I decided to make beer biscuits for the family. But there was leftover beer that I didn't want to waste, so I also made beer bread (yummy). Next up, I cooked the sauce for the Beer-Basted part of the Beer-Basted Brisket. But once again, I found myself left with leftover beer, this time the dark Guinness Extra Stout. So I made Guinness Stout Brownies!

Yes, this is NOT a low-calorie day, but it will be a feast of feasts, beer-inspired and beer-containing. Also being served: grilled zucchini and fresh cantaloupe. Oh, and margaritas, because we (and our guests) don't drink beer!

Everything I Ever Need to Know

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Logan wrote this for his TAG English I class. Lessons to be learned!


Everything I Ever Need to Know I Learned From Swimming


    I've been swimming for a long time, almost since I could walk. I was at practice one day, cooling down from the main set, when it hit me - everything I knew about swimming was mirrored by something in life. I had just never noticed until I finally became good enough to be able to look back at how far I'd come. It suddenly seemed so simple, and I knew I would most likely discover more connections to life as I became faster and better at swimming.

*        Stay afloat, don't sink - don't fall behind on your work.

*        Breathe steadily - even in times of stress.

*        Keep good form - the most basic things can be the most important.

*        When you see the wall, swim faster - rise to the challenge.

*        Practice makes perfect - keep practicing to get better until you come out on top.

*        Just dive in - if something is daunting, don't think about it. Just do it!

*        Reduce drag - don't let anything slow you down.

*        Stay in your own lane - it's your life, so make good choices.

*        Be a shark, not a minnow - go after what you want.

*        Just keep swimming - even if you are tired, find your pace, and push through to the end.


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