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Dickens on the Strand

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Well, it could be later that I post this. That's all I'm saying...

In December we visited Galveston to see Dickens on the Strand, a festival set back in the time of Victorian London. It was our first time there, and a fine time was had by all. We stepped back in time to enjoy bagpipers, bell carolers, pirates, Texas Army soldiers, and the authentic Tall Ship Elissa. And we got to see two of our favorite jugglers, the Other Brothers (who stuck me up on the world's smallest stage to swing a machete and torches around me, ultimately slicing a carrot they made me hold in my mouth). Logan especially enjoyed seeing all the Steampunk folks from the Airship Isabella, and he's been newly inspired and creating all sorts of amazing stuff every since. Click the link above to see more photos.


One Vacation, Mini-Documented and Overdue

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I've been so behind on any sort of family photos and other whatnot, with all the stuff I've been doing at Nolan's school. Our vacation to Colorado was 4 months ago, and I only today finished uploading the complete set of photos. I also didn't have time to do my usual journal pages, so I quickly put together a quick one. Please view it here (or use the link on the sidebar)!


Well, that's done. Not sure what inspired me to do it today -- it's not like I actually had the time to spare. Now I'm behind on everything else I needed to accomplish!

Hamilton Pool in November

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A few photos from our trip to Hamilton Pool in November... Here's one of my favorites:


San Miguel photos and journal

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cactusb.jpgAs wonderful as San Miguel is, I took so many pictures that it was a challenge to sort and process them all. But my journal of the wedding trip is at last complete, with extra photos shown via Flickr. Enjoy!

Grandparents and Hummingbirds

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Though our trip was way too quick, in September we headed down to the Corpus Christi/Rockport area, visiting Michael's Dad and Sylvia, eating good food, and seeing lots of migrating hummingbirds. For more pictures of the Rockport festival, visit my garden blog.

rhfc09-21-09.jpgWe worked so hard to make sure Nolan didn't make goofy faces during the photos, and then Logan thought it would be funny to close his eyes in every shot. Yeah, not amused.

With Dad and Sylvia

the men.jpg Oh yes, and we also enjoyed  getting eaten alive by hungry mosquitoes by the thousands(NOT). I don't know whose blood this is -- I killed it in the car mere seconds after Dad and Sylvia left our vehicle, so it could have belonged to any of us... or all of us. That was a serious last supper by the mosquito.

mosquitoWe hope to go back for a crabbing/fishing adventure, as we didn't have enough time to add that to the trip. Another time! But we don't get to see Dad and Sylvia very often, so we were glad for even the small bit of time we could get down there. Next time I'll plan a trip that won't conflict with a class I'm taking (Habitat Steward)!


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