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Our Elementary School Habitat

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I know many of our family and friends know about the big habitat projects we've been working on at Nolan's school, but I'd like to share with you the school garden blog so you can learn more about it.


I'm shamelessly sending out a fundraising request on Nolan's behalf, because I know how much he would love to add leaves with family/friends' names to our Giving Tree at school. Our whole family has been participating in so many different ways, from me leading the projects, to Nolan talking with his classmates and teachers and helping me in various tasks, to Michael and Logan doing woodworking for signs and easels. So really, this shameless plug comes from all of us.

Anything you are able to send, please mail to either the school address shown on the blog (Help Our Garden Grow page) or send directly to us at home so that we can hand-deliver your donation. We really do appreciate it and thank you sooo very much.

Love, Meredith, Nolan, Logan, and Michael

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