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Solar System

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Nolan's class has been studying the solar system, and each student had to create a display of some sort to show the major planetary bodies, along with facts about each. Tomorrow they are putting on a play about the solar system. Nolan gets to be Planet X!


Basketball Fun

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Both boys have been playing basketball this winter season. They've both enjoyed themselves, and it's been great seeing them improve from game to game. Logan's team runs so fast back and forth that it's hard to get a good shot of Logan during the game -- hopefully I'll get one during the playoffs this weekend.

Nolan had a special event with his team on Sunday. He got to have a scrimmage with another team on the court of the Austin Toros before their game against Colorado. He also got to high-five the Toros as they were introduced, and he got autographs from Toro dancers, mascot, and one of the Toros. The scrimmage and Toros game were both close games between well-matched teams, and both ended in our favor, so it was quite the exciting and enjoyable day from start to finish. Nolan really loved hearing his name called out by the announcer during his scrimmage -- pretty cool set up that they have for the teams of this league.






We were surprised at the eagerness of all the third-grade boys to get the autographs of the Toros dancers. We'll make sure Nolan gets to enjoy this picture for years to come, I'm sure.


Puppy Love

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We couldn't resist the charms of our little boy puppy foster, and on the day before Valentine's, we officially adopted him. It was a tough decision. Aside from additional pet cost, our lives will be more complicated with walks and hikes and vacations. But truly we don't regret the decision -- he has fit into our family with ease. In fact, he's easier to deal with than both Loki and Sheba! Even Michael enjoys the playfulness and cuddliness of puppy, whose name is now Grover, although we are on the line about whether to change it to Harvey.



Grover is growing like a weed. During the night he decided to sleep under the bed, and apparently he had a growth spurt while sleeping because in the morning he got stuck, and Michael had to lift the bed up so I could pull Grover out.


Puppy is remarkably calm and well-behaved for a puppy. He is naturally curious about cats and other dogs, loves playing with Sheba and Loki, and has become quite the mama's boy (I even briefly considered calling him Elvis). It was a hoot watching him go out on the front porch to bark at the pizza-delivery person yesterday. I suppose that won't be so nice when he's big, but it's cute when he's little! He doesn't run so much as bounce along, boing boing boing.

In case you are wondering, we got to meet the person who adopted Cowgirl. He seemed very nice, and it sounds as though Cowgirl will have a happy home.

And lastly, though I am without a picture at the moment, we actually have yet another addition to our family. The boys bought themselves a hamster, with quite the works for a cage. So now an ongoing task is making sure that Tooga stays out of the hamster room. She is very, very interested in little Scout, for some reason...

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