Zombie Easter

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I'm not sure what happened to the Easter Bunny, but this year we were visited by Zom-Bunny, Zombie ducks, Zombie dogs, and lots and lots of other zombies. Even the candy wasn't safe.

zombieeastera2010.jpg zombieeasterb2010.jpg zombieeasterc2010.jpgZom-Bunny went all out, though, even bringing a book of Zombie Haiku. It's awesome poetry, by the way, and even though the zombie author starts out by eating his mother, he at least remembers his manners. What a good boy!

zombieeasterd2010.jpg zombieeastere2010.jpgPerhaps our addiction to the game Plants vs. Zombies had something to do with the theme this year. I guess you could say we have zombies on the brain.



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Interesting interpretation of the resurrection story. :-)

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