New Moon at Home

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Logan was sick yesterday, some sort of stomach bug. But he didn't have a fever, as my trusty mom hands informed me. Logan pointed out that my hands felt cold, and the truth is my hands are always cold, especially this time of year. And Michael, who currently is reading the Twilight series, made the observation that in our family:

I'm the vampire, and he's the werewolf. It fits -- I'm fair-skinned and cold body temp, and Michael's always hot (with ample chest hair, I might add). It's our own little Twilight saga at home.

Logan points out in his ever-literal way that the werewolves in Twilight are actually not werewolves, but shape-shifters. WHAT. EVER. Sounds better to say "vampire and werewolf" than "vampire and shape-shifter."

And Logan is on the mend, by the way. Hasn't thrown up since last night!

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Michael is playing hair stylist and now he's reading chick lit for teens?!? What are you doing to that poor man?

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