July 12, 2007

The boys and I headed this morning to Big Meadows Reservoir for a long hike around the lake. It took us 2-3 hours to complete. A very pleasant trek -- Logan was disappointed we didn't see any bears (NOT). But we did see half a dead fish, ground squirrels, chipmunks, badger holes but no badgers, jumping trout, and about a million flies. I took a ton of pictures of the boys and flower after flower.

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Early afternoon was spent getting the tent and remaining wet stuff, such as the sleeping bags, dry. The good news is everything is now dry and packed away. The car is organized, too. We are ready to begin Part 2 of our vacation!
Later in the day, we all went to Pass Lake to fish. Logan caught a trout early on. The fish kept staying interested in Nolan's bait, but none stayed hooked.
After about an hour, the sky threatened us with a storm, so we left. Logan wasn't as thrilled about gutting his fish as he was about catching it, though he survived.
The lake was just off the highway, and I met a cyclist who asked me to take his picture in front of Wolf Creek Pass. His name is Ray, and he's traveling from Boston to San Francisco, taking the scenic route. Today was his 64th day. I'm so impressed by, and somewhat jealous of, what he's doing. He has a website documenting his trip, and he asked me to e-mail him as one of the people he met. I gave him a cookie. Here is his website.
Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant. But no margarita!!
And so ends the camping portion of our trip, and tomorrow Daddy and Jan, and Gary, Carole, Amy, and little Ryan all head back home. It's been a lot of fun, and I think the boys have had some wonderful times with their grandparents. It was so nice seeing Gary and Carole and Amy again, and meeting Ryan.
Tomorrow we head to Denver!

We went fishing and we went Hiking at a pond. We went to a restaurant that is a Mexican restaurant. and We got mints and buster looked like He is cLimbing a mountain of blankets.

and mom still says Green Ches hamburger or Blech!!!!


Today we went hiking in Big Meadow. Then we went back, I played with Twister, who got covered in grass after sticking his head up my sleave. Then we left to go fishing. I caught a fish!! Then mom and grampa made me gut a fish!! EEUUCCHH!!!! Now we are at La Casita, a yummy Mexican restraunt.

July 13, 2007

A chilly morning. Low-lying clouds, drifting slowly between the mountains. As I walked through the quiet campsite, I saw a buck a few yards away. We stared at each other for a few moments, and then both of us walked away. Nearby a doe headed into the woods.

This morning on the way to Denver, we stopped at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We had planned to only spend an hour there, but as we climbed the dunes, we became determined to reach the peak. Ok, mostly I was determined, but where Mom goes, sons must go, too!
We walked barefoot up the giant hills, enjoying the softness of the grains between our toes and the coolness of the deeper sand. We pushed the warmer surface sand with our feet as we walked.
Sometimes we created mini-avalanches as we walked near sand ridges. Movement of sand in one spot created a cascading effect of nearby sand. The shifting sands looked like water flowing down a pane of glass. We were erosion at work!
The highest peak you can see from the parking lot is High Dune. Upon reaching it, we found the true hightest peak was beyond it. This was Star Elune, and it was beckoning to us. So there was only one thing to do -- climb it! Yes, we conquered the Great Sand Dunes! The boys rolled down many of the hills on the trek back to the car.
By the time we reached Denver, we found ourselves stuck in Friday afternoon traffic. It meant we were very late to the party at Betsy and Paul's house. Joe and his kids picked us up, and Logan and Nolan talked a mile a minute in the car to Anne Marie and Joey.
At Betsy's and Paul's house, we enjoyed hot dogs and burgers, lots of yummy appetizers, and lots of fine company. The four kids had a blast playing with Betsy and Paul's kids, Jack and Justin -- I hope they all didn't destroy too much of the house!
Everyone at the party was so nice -- I wish we had had more time with them. But now I have faces to put with the names I've heard for so long!

Today started by climing Star Dune, largest sand dune in the U.S.A. The climb was hot and hard. On the sides of deep but low sand hills we kept on making mini avalanches that look like melted cheese on a potato. I got covered in sand from the avalanches and sand I put on my legs, burying them completely in coolness. Mom got her feet covered in sand. Now we are on the road to Denver and going to a party at Betsy/Linina's house.


CHAPTER 9: the Great Sand Dunes

We wet to the Great Sand Dunes it was very fun there. and we got to roll in the sand down the hills at the Great Sand Dunes.

We got to the very top of the Great Sand Dunes and it is the tallest Great Sand Dunes. and it's Name is Star Dune.

CHAPTER 10: the party.

We went to a party and we got to see Jaryl and his kids and Betsy and her kids. Jaryl's kids are Named anne marie and Joey. Betsy's kids are named Justin and Jack.

The party was fun. One part was watching Jack (he and Justin are Linina's kids) play Toontown. Another was shooting Chawg four times with darts! Then I got two ice cream cake slices and watched Chronicles of Narnia!!
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